On-premise ChatGPT
for your data

The generative AI platform for businesses.

Get timely reports with key trends and recommendations

Our AI automatically generates plain English insights into your company's data.

Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Product, IT

We support hundreds of data sources: data warehouses, web apps, etc.

All the information you need
in one place

Ask anything, no more spreadsheets! Focus on your team and your business.

Insights hub: keep track of everything happening at your company in a simple way

Generative AI can now create high-quality insights and recommendations in plain English.

  • aloonAI gives you a crystal clear view into your company's data, without complicated charts and spreadsheets.
  • aloonAI helps you make data-driven decisions by delivering real-time plain English recommendations.
  • You can quickly and easily uncover valuable insights that no one has noticed yet!

AI assistant for every employee


With just a few clicks, you can select data sources and customize your KPIs.

Any data sources

Data warehouses, data lakes, databases, SaaS (CRM, sales, finance)...

Secure and private

No sensitive information shared with third parties. Can run offline on servers.

Deploy a generative AI platform in minutes

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$999 / month

  • 1-100 reports per month
  • Online support


$4999 / month

  • +1000 reports per month
  • Live support

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